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New, fresh payment pages from Ingenico

Ingenico's new payment pages have a completely new design. You too can take advantage of this and decide what your personalised page looks like.

More international sales with local payment methods

More international sales with local payment methods. Serve your international customers in the best possible way.

Optimal accounting for your internet transactions

With Ingenico Collect, you have one technical link, one contract, one reporting including costs per payment method and one payout to your bank.

Everything I do now started with Visa

We are known for our products, but who are we really? Throughout the year, we give a look behind the scenes. We start with the person who registered Business to You at the Chamber of Commerce 17 years ago: Hans Bouman, the owner.

Collaboration with B2U unburdens both myself and my customers

Since web developer Ronald van Dijk became a reseller of Ingenico through Business to You, a burden falls off his shoulders and those of his customers. "The months of waiting for the link with an Internet checkout are a thing of the past. I have nothing to worry about anymore."

TroBit helps St. Barbara Cemetary with online payments

Following a recent expansion and to get invoices paid faster, St. Barbara Cemetery wanted to digitise payments. However, this needed to be integrated with TroBit's Funeral Suite, the package with which St. Barbara does all its administration. So a partnership came about between TroBit and PayByLink to help St. Barbara.

Ingenico innovates with brand new payment terminals

Ingenico has launched a trio of new payment terminals. Everything has been thought of: from ergonomic improvements and a better feel of the keys to bumpers that prevent the terminal from sliding off the counter. Multimedia capabilities have also been expanded.

PayByLink offers municipalities a solution for offline payment flows

Nowadays inhabitants of municipalities expect to be able to pay for their “e-Loket” transactions online. Partners such as PinkRoccade, Centric, Decos, SIMgroep and Exxellence already integrated the Ingenico online payment platform in their business systems. But there are still many processes with offline handling of invoices and payment flows. PaybyLink offers you a solution for these offline payment flows.

‘PayByLink has significantly increased payments’

Time and time again Angelina Motzo of XO Hotels experienced the same issues both at the front desk and in the office. Guests had not paid their reservations in advance. Some guests wished to pay for another guest which needed to be settled by authorization forms. Other guests asked for a refund shortly before their stay, leaving the hotel with an empty room. Ever since Motzo started working with PayByLink combined with Ingenico via Business to You, she no longer needs to calculate losses.

Fetch car sharing project is a great success

You may have already seen them driving around in Amsterdam: the 100 brand-new Renault ZOEs from Fetch car sharing. Since the beginning of February cars can be rented thanks to a wonderful collaboration between Fetch, Renault and PayByLink. We are proud of this beautiful Fetch car sharing project!

Recurring transactions: SEPA & credit card via one platform

Collecting recurring transactions is a separate discipline. The amounts have differents levels and frequencies and the customers originate from different countries. In addition, both credit cards and SEPA mandates are being used. This makes collecting a complex business, since a company often needs multiple solutions, each with separate integrations and workflows. Would it not be easy to have one single platform to manage all of this? A small spoiler: there is such a platform.

Municipality of Zaanstad: faster payments thanks to QR-codes

Bills, invoices, levies: we cannot make it more fun, but it can be made easier – to losely quote the Dutch Tax Authorities. That is what Rob van Zuuk of the municipality of Zaanstad thought of when he started to optimize the debtor process within the organization. A fruitful collaboration with PayByLink resulted in using user-friendly QR codes on the invoices to be sent for citizens and for businesses.

Library members pay very quickly thanks to PayByLink

Since members of various libraries in Gelderland can pay their dues via an e-mail link, payment speed and ease of use have skyrocketed. What lies behind this: a great collaboration between ICT specialist Actacom and PayByLink. We talked about it with Wim Ongena of Actacom.

Anglo-Dutch cooperation PayByLink was bull’s eye!

”It was purely by chance that Mike Mann, Head of Finance at British plumbing wholesaler Williams, came across PayByLink during a search on the internet. Not much later, a fruitful collaboration was a fact. We asked Mr. Mann about his experiences. “It is unbelievable how fast the implementation went.”

VIDEO: PayByLink appearing in RTL-Z How it’s Done

Watch how PayByLink helps you in handling payment requests while complying with SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) legislation at the same time.

Deferred payments for school trips possible with PayByLink

Ever since Ticketcounter teamed up with PayByLink, the organisation is able to guarantee its customers a service that is far more flexible. We talked to Mariska de Groot from Ticketcounter and invite you to read the results in this blog.

“The enormous support is great”

“Ouwehands Zoo is 88 years old. Until last year we were open almost every day. Now we have been closed for almost 17 weeks in three lockdowns, ”says Robin de Lange, director of the zoo in Rhenen. “But people support us and the animals enormously through donations. That is really great to see.”

‘They ticked all the boxes right from the start’

Customer minded. That is how Head of Finance and Corporate Planning at Brother UK, Stuart Maclean describes us. “We pride ourselves on our customer service and PayByLink has the same values, the same attitude as we do. That is why it felt so right when we met.” Recently we completed the implementation of our PayByLink solution at Brother UK.

LodgeGate helps hotels with PCI, SCA and online payments

In order to process credit card details for the acceptance of hotel reservations, each merchant must be PCI DSS compliant at all times. Audits for this entail the necessary costs. LodgeGate, facilitator of hotel software and led by Jan-Willem Moors, therefore decided to take a different approach. In collaboration with PayByLink, a system was developed to send an email with a payment link, that enables online credit card verification and direct payments via an internet checkout. This eliminates the need to store credit card numbers.